TF1 online game

Play the Official Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? TF1 online game!
The game takes after the gameplay of the famous TV show adding a joker (the Switch) or a leaderboard between players. Who will be the next millionaire?

Plus Belle La Vie Released

Join the TV show's crew and discover the TV series backstage. Find the hidden objects in over 25 settings, answer over 200 quizzes dispatched by themes and unlock new settings. Explore the cult places of the show (the Mistral bar, the Police station, the Select, ...) but also behind the scenes (the scriptwriter's office, the decorators' workshop,...) and typical Provencal landscapes. Who will be the biggest fan?

TF1 Quiz game

Dive into this official TF1 Quiz game! As in the TV show, bet on the answers you think are correct, try to keep the maximum of your initial money by answering multiple choice questions and move from a question to another to win! Can you beat the drop?